Interview with Lunar Co-Storywriter “Toshio Akashi”. “Hello Toshio! After so many years Lunar is still such a beloved game by many fans. Why do you think that is?”

Toshio: “I think it was a very special game era. The project hadmany excellent staff members of Game Arts, including Mr. Tomi, Mr. Shigema, and Mr. Kubooka. We were able to create a passionate and challenging game. .. Many staff members were able to devote themselves to deliver an exciting experience to the players, and we were able to put it into shape.” “How did you first got involved with the Lunar Series?”

Toshio:”I was invited by Mr. Shigema and participated with my friend Mr. Hino. It was my first time to direct a game, but I had the opportunity practice the directing techniques. I learned as an anime and manga fan.” How long did you work on each game?”

Toshio:”All games took pretty long. I remember exactly how long, but they were very time consuming. “Which was your favourite Character?”

Toshio: “Lucia of Lunar-Eternal Blue! We treated her with special care in terms of production, so it’s a character with a strong feeling.” “Did you expect those games to be those kind of hits?”

Toshio: “As one of the creators, I am very proud that the work has been loved by many people. Thank you for taking care of LUNAR”