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Lunar- Silver star Story

The first Lunar game is not only a true masterpiece, but also the first look into the world of Lunar.
Beloved by many fans, this game follows our hero “Alex” and his friends on a journey of truth.
Written by genius writer Kei Shigema and with the fabulous music of Composer Noriyuki Iwadare “Lunar – The Silver star Story” is not your every day RPG.
Even 20 years later, this game is not missing on any Top 10 RPG List, and therefor a timeless classic.

Lunar 2 – Eternal Blue 

As with the first game, Lunar 2 features an enormous amount of material appealing to game players on a personal level. The story features likable characters engaged in quests that will help them mature as people; in particular, the two main characters develop a powerful romance.
The dialogue is also a standout, as even minor characters have large quantities of dialogue.
Never before was a sequel that good! But there are many more stories to be told…

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